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About Elk Meat

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Our farm-raised elk meat is mild yet distinctive in flavour, satisfying to the most discerning consumers. All of our elk products share a rich, robust, slightly sweet flavour that's milder and more consistent than wild game with a texture that's melt-in-your-mouth tender.


Some of our elk
Elk is a naturally lean alternative to mainstream meats. Our animals are raised in natural free-range environments without the use of growth hormones or growth stimulants. They are given antibiotics only when necessary. Our elk either graze naturally or consume healthy, plant-based supplements; they are never fed animal by-products.

High Quality!

Canada's elk farmers are international leaders in food safety. We are members of the Canadian Cervid Council (the national organization representing elk farmers) which works closely with the government to ensure that elk are naturally raised and properly processed, often to levels exceeding federal standards.


Elk Tenderloin
Elk is a rich red meat that needs only salt and pepper to enhance its natural flavour. It also pairs well with a world of spices and provides an elegant showcase for seasonal ingredients. See our the recipes page for a number of delicious examples. Elk meat is distinctively different but interchangeable in your own favourite recipes (keep in mind that the proportions of cuts may vary).


High in protein, iron and vitamin B (with a much lower fat content than beef or pork) the meat will appeal to the health conscious-consumer.