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Cooking tips

Available cuts

Farm-raised elk meat is available in all of the familiar cuts, such as steaks, racks, loins, medallions, burgers, sausages and stew meat. See the current product sheet for a complete list of our elk cuts. Don't hesitate to contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for.

Do not overcook your elk meat!

Because this lean red meat has no marbling, it should be cooked quickly on high heat or slowly cooked on low heat. We recommend the following cooking guidelines


When barbecuing or pan frying for elk recipes, sear the meat on high heat to seal in the juices, then continue cooking on lower heat to the desired finish. When making elk recipes plan for faster cooking times compared to other red meats.

Another tip is to massage the meat with either olive oil or canola oil, mixed with herbs and spices of your choice, before cooking. This creates a seal over the meat which helps keep moisture in.

Optimal Doneness

Cook meat just to medium-rare to prevent it from drying out. It should remain crimson when cooked. For rare, cook to 140F (60C). For medium-rare, cook to 150F (65C).


It is ideal to take a roast out of the oven when it is approximately 5°F lower than the desired temperature, the wrap it in tinfoil and let it rest for ten to fifteen minutes. This will allow the juices to set while the roast continues to cook to the perfect temperature.

Soup Stock

Save the bones and trimmings for a rich, delicious stock.

Slow Cookers

Using your favourite slow cooker recipe for less tender cuts will result in a delicious meat that you can cut with a fork.

Suggested Portions

Since our elk products are extremely lean, shrinkage during cooking is minimal. With its dense texture and rich flavour, a 6-oz. portion is ideal.

Your tips

If you have any additional cooking tips, please share them with us. Send them to info@elkranch.com and we'll add them to the site.